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Fresher - Wholesale B2B ERP Web System

Every day wholesalers interact with our technology, enabling businesses to transact deals, delivering shipments and fulfilling orders – all while making the journey easier, faster, safer, cheaper and Fresher.

And we are not standing still. We are hard at work innovating the next wave of technology in the wholesale sector. Our people will continue to transform the industry by delivering innovative ways to plan, purchase and enjoy the perfect B2B wholesale experience.

From paper to paperless

1) Product > Units > Category > Item > Price List > UOM

2) Supplier > Procurement > Inventory > Payments > SOA

3) Reporting > History Tracking > Internal Warehouse Transfer

4) Customer order > Pack > Delivery > Invoice > Receipt > SOA

5) Offline/Online Sync to Cloud > Online Ordering Customer > Payment Gateway

Core Backend Modules

B2B end to end ERP solution for wholesale industry with modules from managing customers to internal operations to suppliers

Benefits and improvements

The end result after implementation

10 Benefits to your Wholesale Business

1) Lesser human error for miscommunication during initial ordering

2) 24/7/365 available with customisable order cut off time

3) Faster turnaround time for orders receive and packing

4) Real time status of Inventory

5) Delivery status

6) Administration paperwork invoicing automation

7) Accounts receivables, aging, tracking and matching

8) Single software for all operational needs

9) Individually customized to cater to each business’s unique requirements

10) Strong focus on the user experience